The Pro Actor

The Professional Actor
Keyword: Discipline

You are an actor from the moment you proclaim yourself to be an actor. Nobody can tell you that you are not an actor. But how you behave from that moment on will determine to what degree others perceive you as an actor.

How should you behave as an actor? An Actor:

  • Loves what he/she is doing
  • Keeps records of appointments & expenses
  • Keeps photos and resumes up to date
  • Is flawlessly punctual
  • Reads plays, reads plays and reads more plays, reads movie scripts, reads acting books
  • Works daily on improving his/her artistic abilities
  • Wakes up, eats, drinks, breathes, sleeps, dreams and wakes up thinking about acting
  • Sacrifices normality to achieve a dream

The more you understand how an actor behaves, and the sooner you start behaving as such, the sooner you will be judged by others as a professional actor. It is then that you will begin to have the opportunity to use your talents.

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?