“To Illuminate The Life Of The Human Spirit”

Simply stated, “Method” acting is acting “real” by using experiences and impressions from the actor’s own life to create the parallel experiences and impressions of the life of the character onstage.

Lee Strasberg described the results of this approach by stating that “conventional” acting comes out to you, the audience, and “shows” you, and “demonstrates” to you whereas [“Method”] acting demands that you, the audience, go where it is going, so that you not simply understand what the character is experiencing, you also experience it.

Training in the fundamentals of Relaxation, Sense Memory, Concentration & Imagination, the actor begins the lifelong process of using himself to breathe life into the fiction of the play, as his inner awareness and artistic sense of truth develop with time and experience.

For a more complete explanation leading to a better understanding of the approach to the actors’ art known as “Method” acting, click on the “Method Acting Procedures” link at the site Menu.

Also found within these pages is information we hope the actor will find useful about getting started as an actor. We’ve included a link to information about the Actors Studio – the “headquarters” of “Method” acting in the United States. Just click on the Actors Studio link at the site menu.

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